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Securing appropriate commercial insurance coverage holds paramount importance for businesses across all sectors. However, for those within the care industry, the significance of comprehensive insurance protection is heightened, given the nature of their work involving the care and support of vulnerable individuals.

At WH & R McCartney, we specialise in providing tailored insurance solutions designed specifically for the unique needs of care providers. Whether you operate supported living facilities or specialise in end-of-life care, we recognise the intricate balance required to deliver exceptional care while managing the complexities of running such a business. Our goal is to safeguard your organisation, its personnel, and the individuals you serve within this inherently high-risk sector.

Trust WH & R McCartney to provide the peace of mind that comes with knowing your care facility is adequately protected.

At the heart of our services lies specialised care home insurance, backed by a top-tier A-rated UK insurer, meticulously crafted to recognise and reward the excellence of well-managed care homes. In essence, the stronger your CI or CQC Score, the more compelling our offerings become.

Our expertise lies in tailoring insurance solutions for the diverse needs of the care sector, be it elderly care, support for adults with learning difficulties, addressing mental health challenges, dementia care, or facilitating retirement and supported living options. Each policy is meticulously designed to match the unique contours of your business.

The care industry encounters an array of distinctive risks, and our Care Home Insurance policy is designed to protect you from them, including coverage for medical malpractice, professional indemnity, and safeguards against the loss of registration.

If you wish to discuss your Care needs further, or would like a free copy of our Care Home Employee Safety Manual please don't hesitate to get in touch.


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